What The Heck Are Kangoo Jumps?
Kangoo Jumps are a rebound exercise training tool that absorb the impact of standard exercises such as running, kickboxing and other cardio routines. Kangoo Jumps use a leaf-shaped spring (attached to a boot) equipped with resistance bands to not only lessen the impact felt by joints, but also increase the intensity of a workout. Studies have shown that Kangoo Jumps users can burn more calories, tone muscle and increase endurance easier than those performing a standard workout. Take it OUT! is now offering Kangoo Jumps Classes as part of fitness class portfolio. Sign up for a free class or contact us for more info.

What exactly are Kangoo Jumps?

Kangoo Jumps are basically mini trampolines for your feet. They are low-impact, rebound sport shoes that greatly minimize the wear-and-tear incurred by joints during traditional workout and cardio routines. Kangoo Jumps employ a comfortable and supportive boot (similar to an inline skate boot) mounted on a lightweight leaf-spring with built-in resistance bands. The boot supports the ankle and feet, while the durable spring absorbs the shock of each movement.

What are the benefits of Kangoo Jumps? Are they better than traditional exercise?

Research studies suggest that Kangoo Jumps offer amazing health benefits. Five separate, individually conducted university studies have shown incredible results, including:

-Joint pain and impact reduction
-Added caloric burn
-Lymphatic flush
-Increased endurance
-Increased weight loss
-Sculpting of thighs and glute muscles
-Improved cardio-vascular system capacity

What the experts are saying:

“Training with Kangoo Jumps provides an effective means of improving aerobic capacity, and reducing the rate of injury when compared to training with normal running shoes,? University of British Columbia, Canada

“The unique spring design decreases the normal pounding effect of running...and the runner obtains more "air time" resulting in less actual impacts with the running surface. Finally, the use of the Kangoo Jumps can be useful in the rehabilitation of both athletes and "normal" active people that are recovering from "sports related" injuries,? University of Lausanne Switzlerland

​"The wearing of Kangoo Jumps rather than normal running shoes when jogging significantly reduces the impact characteristics experienced during foot contact which have been reported to result in injuries to the lower extremities," Southern Cross University, Australia

What exercises can I perform with Kangoo Jumps?

Kangoo Jumps can be employed to boost any of your basic workouts including running, jogging, aerobics, boot camps, kickboxing and more.

Who are Kangoo Jumps best suited for? Can anyone use them?

Kangoo Jumps are for everyone! Well, at least those from age 6 on up. All fitness levels, from beginner to expert can use Kangoo Jumps as part of their workout regimen. We recommend consulting your doctor if you have any health concerns related to using Kangoo Jumps.

Am I going to fall using Kangoo Jumps? Do they require a lot of practice to use properly?

You don’t need to be an elite athlete or a gymnast to use Kangoo Jumps because it takes just minutes to become comfortable with using them. Kangoo Jumps offer virtually the same balance as your shoes and implement a grip pad for proper traction.

Where can I buy a pair of Kangoo Jumps? 

You can purchase Kangoo Jumps directly from Take it OUT! Fitness.

*Take it OUT! Fitness encourages all participants to consult their physician before trying Kangoo Jumps.
"Rebound Exercise is the Most Effective and Efficient Form of Exercise Yet Devised by Man,? - NASA 

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